2017 Walden Annual Meeting Invitation

posted Apr 11, 2017, 10:42 PM by Jeffrey Peckham

Notice of Walden Public Meeting, April 24, 2017


The Walden Board of Directors invites you to attend our annual public meeting. This will include a discussion about the proposed affordable housing development by Habitat for Humanity (HFH) at 1250 Las Juntas Way.  The meeting will be held at 7PM (registration at 6:30) on Monday evening, April 24, at the Renaissance Club Sport on Jones Road.  The developer has been invited to present the project for our review.  We will also be discussing ways to improve the increased traffic congestion along Cherry Lane during commute hours.


As you may be aware, Walden members and friends are opposing the HFH development.  In doing so, we will be developing a position that addresses our concerns yet recognizes the reality of various forces at work on this project.


We respect the goals of HFH, and we are not, per se, against a development on the subject property.  This parcel, however, is zoned for transition between single-family homes and multifamily condos and apartments in the area.  A project consisting of up to 29 condos is consistent with this zoning.


However, at the Las Juntas site, HFH is proposing to construct 45 units on this 2-acre site.  The City of Walnut Creek, because of its goal of fulfilling its obligations for affordable housing, is supporting this development.   Walden objects to the proposed density, as it vastly exceeds that which the zoning permits.  Habit for Humanity has recently constructed only ten housing units on a similar-sized lot near the Walnut Creek BART station.   Why should our neighborhood accept a project that is over four times as dense?  We feel that the attendant impacts on traffic and population are an unfair burden on us.


We ask HFH what kind of a development is possible on this site that is consistent with the existing zoning rather than relying on multiple variances and concessions?  What kind of a project would allow the retention of the trees on the boundaries of the sites and comply with required setbacks on the borders of the site and between structures?  What kind of a project consisting of two levels would be considerate of single-family homes bordering the site?  How can the residents of this project be protected from up to 100 decibel noise levels we have recorded coming from BART?


We would like to see Habitat for Humanity address these and other questions that our members will be raising.  We hope that you will be able to attend our meeting on April 24, voice your concerns and, hopefully, get some answers.


We will also be discussing the huge increase in commuting traffic on Cherry Lane.  We have learned that this increase is not necessarily the result of opening up left turns off Treat Boulevard onto Southbound Cherry Lane.  Rather, this increase originates from residences to the North of Treat, as well as increased diverted freeway traffic from the south.  In response to entreaties by Walden, the County has implemented some measures to slow the traffic.  We will be seeking input from our members as to what more can be done to actually reduce the volume in both directions.


Free parking is available at the John Muir parking lot on 1400 Treat Boulevard.  Those using this lot should leave a note on their windshield indicating they will be at the Walden meeting.


 Jeffrey Peckham, President

Walden District Improvement Association



Habitat for Humanity project at 1250 Las Juntas - Walden objections and position

posted Feb 9, 2017, 5:05 PM by Jeffrey Peckham

This is Walden's formal written response to the january 18th Design Review of the project, which lacked appropriate notice.  There will be a formal objection letter covering the 'pre-application review' by the planning commission scheduled for Feb 9th, later this week.  

2016 Walden I Tree Planning - 5 trees funded

posted Sep 25, 2016, 3:53 PM by Jeffrey Peckham

Walden plus members Peter and Judith Duncan have joined forces with the Iron Horse Trail Committee to fund 5 new trees on the IHT in the Walden I space. 

New Commercial Flights out of Buchanan Airport - impact

posted May 31, 2016, 5:56 PM by Jeffrey Peckham

Walden inquired of the County what the impact was with the new JetSuiteX commercial flights.  Here is their response: 

Thank you for reaching out to our office about flight traffic for Buchanan Field Airport.

It is difficult to determine the flight patterns for in-bound and out-bound flights, and the reason is because flight patterns are influenced by the current weather condition. Aircraft going in and out of Buchanan Field are affected by the speed of the wind, the wind’s direction, and other weather conditions. Plus, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) determines the flight patterns and not Contra Costa County.

The new charter flight service is operating with 3 flights in and 3 flights out between Buchanan Field and Burbank Airport Monday through Friday, neighboring communities do not have to worry about JetSuiteX overburdening the area with significantly more air traffic. Those numbers represent a fraction of our 300 daily flights, many of which are similar to the JetSuiteX fleet, and among the quietest jet aircraft available.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, this area did see a rise in activity and some residents might have raised concerns about the air traffic. The Collings Foundation, which is an organization that provides tours and flights of WWII aircraft, was at the Livermore Airport and other local airports during the weekend. Air traffic did rise in this area due to those WWII aircraft flights. The Collings Foundation was not at Buchanan Field Airport last weekend. They will be at Buchanan Field from June 8 till June 12. These tours and flights do not happen everyday cause they only happen once a year. If some of the residents were concerned with those flights, please let them know that this foundation comes to this area around the end of May and the beginning of June. The residents will not be experiencing these WWII aircraft flights throughout the year.

If you have any other questions regarding air traffic and noise, please contact Daniel Wick with the airports staff. Mr. Wick can be reached at (925) 646-5722 or visit Contra Costa County Airports website at I have also copied him on this email.  

Thank You

Dominic Aliano

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

District IV, Contra Costa County

P: (925)521-7100

F: (925)646-5202

2016 Walden Annual Newsletter

posted Mar 26, 2016, 11:58 AM by Jeffrey Peckham   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 12:00 PM ]

Walden Annual Meeting Announcement – April 18th 2016

The annual meeting of Walden will once again take place at the Renaissance Club Sport Hotel, April 18th, at 6:30pm for registration.  Our guest speakers will be State Senator Glazer and the counties community representative Jennifer Bledsoe. Program begins at 7pm, and there will be free parking if needed across the street in the 1400 Treat parking lot East of the hotel.  (put a note on your dashboard: “Walden Meeting”) Please plan to join us for a lively discussion of current issues in and around the Walden neighborhood.  

Walden tour of PH BART Transit Village - 10/17 12:30pm

posted Oct 8, 2015, 10:42 AM by Jeffrey Peckham

Walden members:  Millennium Partners, the developer of the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village has offered to give Walden members a tour of the Avalon Bay apartments.  They have also offered to brief our members on their latest plan for the development of Block C.  This was the block in the Transit Village that was designated for the construction of 100 condominiums that BART and the developer succeeded in converting to the construction of 200 more apartments.  

The tour and briefing will commence at 12:30 PM on Saturday, October 17.  Those wishing to participate should gather at the Avalon Bay sales office across from the BART station.

BOS Supervisors decision to proceed with Block C Apts and other happenings

posted Sep 13, 2015, 11:38 AM by Jeffrey Peckham

Walden members:

Not surprisingly, the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) refused Walden's appeal of the Planning Commission's approval of the Transit Village developer's proposal to substitute 200 apartments for the 100 condos called for in the Development Plan.  As you may recall, Walden objected to the elimination of an ownership component in the Transit Village which we felt destroyed any chance of integrating the development into the surrounding neighborhood.  Supervisor Mitchoff led the opposition to our appeal claiming that she didn't believe our position that condo construction would "pencil out".  This was interesting to us since 10 years after the Development Plan had been approved, this developer still hadn't built out 40% of the footprint.  We noted that, since BART and the County were reopening the agreement made at the Charrette 15 years ago regarding Block C (the condo block), then the future development of the approved 12 story office tower should likewise be reopened. 

Subsequent to the BOS meeting we learned that the Joint Powers Authority, consisting of BART and the County approved the renewal of the sole source contract with the current developer.  The old exclusive agreement expired last year; we had recommended that the JPA open up the negotiations to competition from other qualified developers who might have been more inclined to build condos.  

Recently, the Transit Village developer offered to give Walden members a briefing on their construction plan for Block C and a tour of the current apartments.  We will advise you of when and where this meeting will take place, probably a Saturday afternoon.  

Call for volunteers.  The Walden Board has recently lost one of its members and is seeking Walden members who feel strongly about the issues with which we get involved and are willing to  serve on the Board.  The Board meets once a month, traditionally on a Monday evening.  Also, Supervisor Mitchoff is seeking members of our community who are willing to serve on the Transit Village Municipal Advisory Council (MAC).  That, too, meets monthly in the vicinity of the Transit Village and serves to advise Supervisor Mitchoff on issues that arise in our area.  More information on the  MAC can be found on Supervisor Mitchoff's web site.

Minutes of the Walden Board:  June and July now posted.  

Larry McEwen, Secretary

Walden District Improvement Association

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