2014 Annual Meeting

Post date: Feb 08, 2014 11:58:1 PM

On Monday, March 10, 2012 Walden will have its annual meeting at Renaissance Club Sport at Oak and Treat. John Muir Health is offering Walden members attending our Annual Meeting on March 10 to park for free on their lot at 1400 Treat Boulevard. This is directly across Jones Road from Renaissance ClubSport.   Please leave a note on your windshield indicating "Walden" and be careful crossing Jones Road.

.  The agenda for the program is

6:15 pm         Registration and Annual Walden Membership Renewal. ($20 per household)

6:45 pm         Meeting starts with President's welcome, highlights of the past year and breaking news.

6:55 pm         Treasurer's report

7:00 pm         Announcement of proposed slate for the 2014 Board and solicitation of nominations from the floor.

                       President: Jeffrey Peckham

                       VP: Peter Duncan

                       Secretary: Larry McEwen

                       Treasurer: Sherryl Brinkley

                       Members-at-large: Leo Dominquez and Patty Purvis-Thielman

7:05 pm         Presentation by John Muir of the results of their traffic study and their proposal for the intersection of Treat

                       Blvd. and Cherry Lane.   

                       Q & A until 7:35 with additional time, if needed at the end of the meeting.

7:35 pm         Supervisor Karen Mitchoff:

                       1)  County's plans for mitigating effects of John Muir's proposal for Treat/Cherry

                       2)  Status of developer's plan for the construction of more apartments on Block C of transit village rather

                             than condominiums as called for in the currently approved development plan.

                        Q & A Until 8:30 with additional time, if needed at the end of the meeting.

8:30 pm         Open Neighborhood Discussion including:

                     BART issues:  Unfinished Landscaping along Jones Road; noise levels to the East of the station

8:45 pm         Additional Q & A time for John Muir & Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

9:00 or upon completion of Q & A's for both John Muir and Supervisor Mitchoff       Adjourn 


We sincerely appreciate the generosity of Renaissance Club Sport in making the room available for our annual meeting.

To simplify meeting registration, a membership form is included below to fill out prior to your arrival.  However, membership is not required to attend the meeting or receive our Newsletter.

Please complete this form and send it with $20.00 today.

Enrollment Form:  Dues for 2014 are enclosed






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Please mail to: Walden DIA, c/o Treasurer, 15 Foss Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94597