BOS Supervisors decision to proceed with Block C Apts and other happenings

Post date: Sep 13, 2015 6:38:31 PM

Walden members:

Not surprisingly, the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) refused Walden's appeal of the Planning Commission's approval of the Transit Village developer's proposal to substitute 200 apartments for the 100 condos called for in the Development Plan.  As you may recall, Walden objected to the elimination of an ownership component in the Transit Village which we felt destroyed any chance of integrating the development into the surrounding neighborhood.  Supervisor Mitchoff led the opposition to our appeal claiming that she didn't believe our position that condo construction would "pencil out".  This was interesting to us since 10 years after the Development Plan had been approved, this developer still hadn't built out 40% of the footprint.  We noted that, since BART and the County were reopening the agreement made at the Charrette 15 years ago regarding Block C (the condo block), then the future development of the approved 12 story office tower should likewise be reopened. 

Subsequent to the BOS meeting we learned that the Joint Powers Authority, consisting of BART and the County approved the renewal of the sole source contract with the current developer.  The old exclusive agreement expired last year; we had recommended that the JPA open up the negotiations to competition from other qualified developers who might have been more inclined to build condos.  

Recently, the Transit Village developer offered to give Walden members a briefing on their construction plan for Block C and a tour of the current apartments.  We will advise you of when and where this meeting will take place, probably a Saturday afternoon.  

Call for volunteers.  The Walden Board has recently lost one of its members and is seeking Walden members who feel strongly about the issues with which we get involved and are willing to  serve on the Board.  The Board meets once a month, traditionally on a Monday evening.  Also, Supervisor Mitchoff is seeking members of our community who are willing to serve on the Transit Village Municipal Advisory Council (MAC).  That, too, meets monthly in the vicinity of the Transit Village and serves to advise Supervisor Mitchoff on issues that arise in our area.  More information on the  MAC can be found on Supervisor Mitchoff's web site.

Minutes of the Walden Board:  June and July now posted.  

Larry McEwen, Secretary

Walden District Improvement Association