New Commercial Flights out of Buchanan Airport - impact

Post date: Jun 01, 2016 12:56:30 AM

Walden inquired of the County what the impact was with the new JetSuiteX commercial flights.  Here is their response: 

Thank you for reaching out to our office about flight traffic for Buchanan Field Airport.

It is difficult to determine the flight patterns for in-bound and out-bound flights, and the reason is because flight patterns are influenced by the current weather condition. Aircraft going in and out of Buchanan Field are affected by the speed of the wind, the wind’s direction, and other weather conditions. Plus, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) determines the flight patterns and not Contra Costa County.

The new charter flight service is operating with 3 flights in and 3 flights out between Buchanan Field and Burbank Airport Monday through Friday, neighboring communities do not have to worry about JetSuiteX overburdening the area with significantly more air traffic. Those numbers represent a fraction of our 300 daily flights, many of which are similar to the JetSuiteX fleet, and among the quietest jet aircraft available.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, this area did see a rise in activity and some residents might have raised concerns about the air traffic. The Collings Foundation, which is an organization that provides tours and flights of WWII aircraft, was at the Livermore Airport and other local airports during the weekend. Air traffic did rise in this area due to those WWII aircraft flights. The Collings Foundation was not at Buchanan Field Airport last weekend. They will be at Buchanan Field from June 8 till June 12. These tours and flights do not happen everyday cause they only happen once a year. If some of the residents were concerned with those flights, please let them know that this foundation comes to this area around the end of May and the beginning of June. The residents will not be experiencing these WWII aircraft flights throughout the year.

If you have any other questions regarding air traffic and noise, please contact Daniel Wick with the airports staff. Mr. Wick can be reached at (925) 646-5722 or visit Contra Costa County Airports website at I have also copied him on this email.  

Thank You

Dominic Aliano

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

District IV, Contra Costa County

P: (925)521-7100

F: (925)646-5202